Monsters are main enemies in all Alien Shooter games. Monsters come in several different colors:

  • Green (weak attack, slow speed, low health)
  • Yellow (moderate attack, normal speed, moderate health)
  • Red (strong attack, fast speed, sorta tough)
  • Blue (moderate-strong attack, normal-fast speed,extremely high health)


1. Mutant frogs. They are the first ones you see whether it's campaign or survive. they have quick speed (unless they're green), weak attack, and lowest health though they are a threat in numbers.

Alien rhinos

One grayish-green, yellowy-orange, and scarlet alien rhino.

2. Multi-armed bipeds. They first appear on level 3, and second to appear in survive. They have slow speed, strong attack, and moderate health. In level 6, you start seeing them armed with weapons and armor. The green and yellow shoot plasma, and the red and blue shoot rockets.

3. Giant Spiders. They first appear (and appear a lot) on level 5. The green one is a melee attacker like previous aliens but the rest spit green-glowing fluid that is deadly to the player. They have the quickest speed, and slightly lower health than alien#2 above. In theseus ROTH, they have the same sprite as the first enemies in alien shooter 2.

4. Rhinos. They first appear level 7, with armor. The unarmored unarmed ones only appear after you destroy one's armor, or in theseus ROTH. In survive, the blue one you see has no armor, and it drops the magma cannon. The green ones are the ones who shoot plasma. The yellow ones have plasma and lasers. The red ones have lasers and shoot blue missiles. The blue ones have laser and also blue missiles. The lasers are a HUGE threat because they are rapid and undodgable, but inaccurate.

5. Acid Bats. They appear in Theseus ROTH and Alien shooter the experiment. They spit acid that doesn't leave puddles. They are about the same threat as yellow spiders. They are not seen in survive.

6. Dinosaurs. They appear in alien shooter the experiment and alien shooter 2. They have really high health, slow speed, and strong attack. They are not seen in survive.

7. Boomers. They only appear in theseus ROTH. They quickly crawl up to you and explode, doing 8 damage. They appear alot in the last level, and some in level 9. They are not seen in survive.

8.Minotaur.this monster appear in theseus final level is the miniboss. The minotaur are not see in survive.

9.Queen Dragon.This boss appear in theseus he can not move and can not attack,

The orange and scarlet variations can spit acid at moderate ranges. There are a few other alien types. You meet new types every couple of levels.